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Yuan dynasty 1279-1368 (5356)

H:4cm D:8cm

Decorated with underglaze cobalt blue.


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Yuan dynasty (1279-1368)

H:4cm D:8.3cm

Decorated with underglaze cobalt blue. (5356)


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Tianqi Period: (1620-1627)


8cm x 6.5cm. 


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Square section jar depicting standing immortals (4750)

W 80mm H 120mm

Ref: WEB644

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A splendid plate decorated with a dragon rising from the waves and confronting two carp's, amongst prunus blossoms, and a wave-design border.The underside rim painted with precious objects,Chenghua six character mark.(4606)

W 265mm H 265mm

Ref: WEB565

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