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Round vase

W 110mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB21

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Slim necked hookah vase

W 75mm H 205mm

Ref: WEB22

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Slim necked hookah vase made for Islamic market

W 45mm H 175mm

Ref: WEB23

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Pair of small hookah vases

W 50mm H 145mm

Ref: WEB24

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Small Plate

W 160mm H 30mm

Ref: WEB25

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Large Plate made in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province.

W 350mm H 75mm

Ref: WEB26

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Plate with squirrel on grape vine motif

W 260mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB27

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W 180mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB28

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Large Plate

W 305mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB29

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Near pair of vases

W 80mm H 230mm

Ref: WEB31

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