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A Transitional Blue and White slender neck vase

Ref: WEB142

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A Transitional Blue and White jar with original lid

Ref: WEB143

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Chinese Yuan miniature blue & white jarlet

Ref: WEB208

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A blue and white circular dish with unglazed base decorated in the Yongle revival with two finches perched on a branch within a band of formal lotus.

W 510mm H 510mm

Ref: WEB264

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A Transitional blue and white vase with long garlic neck and unglazed base, decorated with phoenix amongst flowering lotus.

Ref: WEB315

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slender jar and cover.(3717)

W 90mm H 215mm

Ref: WEB358

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3 Immortals in the field.

W 220mm H 35mm

Ref: WEB404

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Brush washer and water dropper in one, a lotus bud and leaf.under glazed blue & white and copper red.(4258)

W 120mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB428

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Small starfriut-shaped jar with two lugs at the neck, raised ribs and underglaze blue decoration, Jingdezhen, Jingxi province. The globular jar has a flat base and a raised straight neck, outside eight vertical ribs are applied, dividing the surface into sections, alternately filled with a single sketchily painted chrysanthemum spray in underglaze blue. Such jars were exported widely and are commonly found in countries of south-east Asia. Some have been recovered from Puert Galera, Mindoro, Philippines, others from Indonesia. (4293)

W 55mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB434

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A bottle shaped vase,the body of compressed globular shaped with a tall neck,decorated all over with scrolling lotus flowers. Provenance;possibly acquired by George Graham(1730-1801),or Thomas Graham(1752-1819),and by descent. Literature;"Kinross House-2",Country Life,20 July 1912,p94.(Firing imperfections to the lower part of the body)(4613)

W 240mm H 458mm

Ref: WEB552

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