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A tall flared neck vase,the body decorated with two birds perched in a large tree issuing from rocks and bamboo,the neck with key fret borders and painted with a further tree and rocks.(4611)

W 200mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB555

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A circular dish decorated with characters on a diaper ground,the reverse with peaches and a continuous scroll,Chenghua mark.(4605)

W 166mm H 166mm

Ref: WEB556

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"Master of the rocks" plate, well painted with a typical landscape of a scholar sitting on a rock,the underside with landscapes,six character mark of Chenghua.(4609)

W 203mm H 203mm

Ref: WEB559

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A circular basin painted in the centre with a stork and bird amidst flowers,the flat rim with a diaper and floral spray border.(4608)

W 283mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB560

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A pair of lobed dish.(4588)

W 135mm H 135mm

Ref: WEB561

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A plate painted with a man carrying a giant peach branch decoration,underglazed blue mark and period of Tianqi.(4514)

W 163mm H 163mm

Ref: WEB562

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A Kraak bottle vase.(4464)

W 130mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB564

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Rare Hariki-sara(needle pointed)lobed plate, painting depicts a couple of birds perched on a tree branch on washed blue background. (4458)

W 220mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB566

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A large oviform jar of an hexagonal rim,decorated with six panels,variously depicting tigers,cranes,peacocks,long-tailed birds,deers and birds-of -prey. Contained in a fitted Japanese Kiri box. Provenance;Mayuyama & Co.,Tokyo,Japan.

Ref: WEB588

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Yuan Blue and White jarlet

W 70mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB601

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