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A plate decorated with 3 men carrying buckets of sea water to be evaportaed and made into table salt. (4904)

W 210mm H 35mm

Ref: WEB602

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A hlaf open fan shaped dish, depicting a landscape and a man crossing the river on a small boat. (4893)

W 215mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB607

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Three horses trotting around the meadow. (4872)

W 170mm H 30mm

Ref: WEB610

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Rose water sprinkler. (4860)

W 90mm H 185mm

Ref: WEB612

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Blue and white ginger jar with wooden lid(4705)

W 180mm H 250mm

Ref: WEB617

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A transitoinal Blue and White beaker vase. (4841)

W 190mm H 440mm

Ref: WEB627

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A double-gourd bottle vase depicting a dragon chasing a flaming pearl. Narrow outwardly flaring neck a globular body and a foot ring. The base is glazed. Beautiful painted in dark cobalt blue with a fierce dragon with open jaws, two front legs and a powerful curled body. The dragon is set against a ground depicted with dark blue clouds. Other object on the ground such as a pearl and a chrysanthemum flower between clouds. The same motif of chrysanthemum flower between clouds is repeated in the upper gourd for four times. Plantain leaves encircle the neck bordered by double outline blue rings. (4844)

W 100mm H 190mm

Ref: WEB628

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Baluster vase, prunes on a ice crack (4840)

W 180mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB629

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Punch bowl (4842)

W 380mm H 230mm

Ref: WEB630

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Kangxi bottle vase (4796)

W 120mm H 245mm

Ref: WEB633

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