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Yongzheng six-character mark in underglaze blu within a double circle and of the period (1723-1735). The dish is decorated with an official holding a fan standing with his attendant conversing with two ladies in a garden setting. (4906)

W 265mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB736

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Night light in the form of a seated cat on a stand. (4941)

W 120mm H 295mm

Ref: WEB748

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Four-sides bottle with underglaze blu decoration. Domed shoulders and a long tapering tubular, narrow cylindrical neck and stand on a rectangular foot with a flat unglazed base. Each face is painted in underglaze blue with two different flowers issuing from Chinese rocks and flying insects, on the shoulder scrolling fronds. The form of the square bottle is modelled on that of European glass ware, known also from European stoneware and faience. Such bottles were originally made to store alcohol on long sea voyages where their square shape made them easy to stow and less likely to break, it would have been fitted with a pewter screw top. Ridging around the neck imitates the scoring for a screw top. However, although the form of the bottle is entirely European, the decoration is strictly confined to the Chinese repertoire. Minor loss of glaze to the edge of the bottle is typical of Wanli blue and white kraal-type wares. (5080)

The form of the square bottle is modelled on that of European glassware and was originally used to transport alcohol across the oceans where their sturdy structure meant it less likely to break.

  • Three similar examples are illustrated by Jessica Harrison-Hall in ‘Ming Ceramics in the British Museum’, no. 11:10-11:12, p. 280-281.

Porcelain, underglaze cobalt blue.

Wanli Reign (AD 1572-1620) in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644).

Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, South Central China.

W 11cm H 17cm

Ref: WEB782

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Chinese under-glazed blue & white Incense burner decorated with rocky pond ,ducks and flowers, floral decoration round the rim (5063)

W 214mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB797

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A Chinese Blue and White 'Lotus' teapot and cover. Modelled as a lotus flower with petals, and painted in vibrant shades of cobalt blue with blossoming flowers, the cover modelled as a lotus pod. (5150)

W 160mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB814

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A blue and white pear-shaped vase Qing dynasty painted with lotus roundels. (5153)

Ref: WEB831

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Blue & White baluster jar with flowers in eight sections (5071)

W 385mm H 470mm

Ref: WEB858

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A massive blue & white baluster jar and cover. Boldly painted in a vibrant cobalt blue with densely scrolling leafy meander interspersed with large peony blossom, a stylised foliate lappet band at the foot, the shoulder with a ruyi-head collar enclosing scrolling flower heads, the short neck with lotus flower head above a cross-hatched band, the wide domed lid with a slight depression to the centre, similarity painted with scrolling peony blossom and topped with large bud-shaped knop surrounded with radiating foliate lappets. (5182)

Ref: WEB866

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Yuhuchun kraal-type bottle pear-shaped with underglaze blu decoration, moulded body with eight panels on the centre and six panels down the cut-down neck. It is painted with a design in dark blue, decorated with flower scrolls and stylised waves inside brackets, a band of plantain leaves around the neck. Some impurity in the glaze show through as iron-brown spots. (G465)

Ref: WEB875

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A small Chinese blu and white silver-mounted bottle vase. The vase decorated with alternating panels of flowers and vases congaing peacock feathers, the top with an engraved later silver mount and a figural finial chain-linked to a silver collar.(3957)

W 950mm H 230mm

Ref: WEB893

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