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Foo dog Longquan celadon ware water dropper (5290)

W 75mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB1081

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Song Dynasty, Yaozhou Celadone ware carved bowl (5276)

W 100mm H 43mm

Ref: WEB1070

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Song Dynasty celadon ware deep dish (5268)

W 220mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB1069

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Yuan dynasty (1270-1368)

Longquan kilns, Zhejiang, China. 

D: 46cm

Large longquan celadon glaze dish decorated with a flowering chrysanthemum.


Song Dynasty, Yaozhou celadon ware bowl (5277)

W 210mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB1068

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Longquan celadon ware ewer with silver handle (5277)

W 100mm H 138mm

Ref: WEB1067

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Large celadon ware bowl with moulded decoration of peonies and chrysanthemum flowers (5223)

W 295mm H 130mm

Ref: WEB974

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South China Longquan kilns stoneware with green celadon glaze. Small dish with glossy olive green glaze. Fully coated, including the base. (4443)

W 129mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB944

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Longquan kilns. Stoneware with pale green celadon glaze. Dish with glossy green glaze. (4442)

W 130mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB943

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Stoneware with green celadon glaze. Circular, shallow bowl with in-turned flat tim resting on three small feet in the shape of monster heads in very thick, heavy stoneware with moulded decoration in relief under a semi-trasparent green celadon glaze. A circular area inside in the centre and on the base has been left underglazes, showing the dark-red colour of the stoneware after oxidisation during firing. On the outside is a moulded decoration depicting scrolls and large stylised peonies. The shape of this tripod bowls derived from bronze incense burners and they serve the same propose. This type of bowl has also been described as a bulb bowl, since it may have been used to hold bulbs of flowers such as narcissus or hyacinths. The form is alread documented in celadon ware dating back to the Northern Song period (see the example illustrated in Hobson 1976 [1st ed. 1915], pl. 40, no. 1); it was revisited in the Yan and Ming period and subsequently also copied in porcelain by the Dehua kilns.

W 290mm H 110mm

Ref: WEB942

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