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(4568)A Longquan moulded Twin fish Dish.

W 225mm H 225mm

Ref: WEB574

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Yue Yao vase.(4547)

W 225mm H 225mm

Ref: WEB575

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Longquan celadon. Chrysanthemum petal shaped cup(4863)

W 85mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB614

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A Chinese Celadon Cong-shape vase 18th century of square section, each side moulded with the Eight Trigrams, bagua, in two rows, the base with an apocryphal Quianlong six-character mark in underglaze blu. (4837)

W 180mm H 310mm

Ref: WEB632

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Drum shaped garden seat with beast heads (4846)

W 260mm H 390mm

Ref: WEB640

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South China (longquan kilns) Sung-Yuan dynasty stoneware with a glossy green celadon crackled glaze. Fully coated, including the base. (4763)

W 135mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB671

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Longquan celadon dish moulded twin fish in the centre. (4942)

W 258mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB747

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Lobed Charger Plate with engraved flower in the center.

W 410mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB793

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Celadon charger plate with incised flower decoration.(R)

W 405mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB794

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A Longquan Celadon jarlet with an ivory cover. Outside with vertical ribbing suggesting lotus petal. (5104)

W 70mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB812

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