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One of a set of five Ko-Sometsuke saucer dishes with Chinese boys playing. (3204)

Ref: WEB134

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A plate decorated with a man playing a Musical instrument.(4514)

W 150mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB563

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A boy riding a bull to herd the cattle into their pen. (4898)

W 210mm H 35mm

Ref: WEB603

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An old herdsman rounding up the bulls back to their pen. (4898)

W 210mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB604

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A set of 5 dishes of a standing court official. (4884)

W 155mm H 35mm

Ref: WEB605


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Ming dynasty (1368–1644), Tianqi period (1621–27)

ca. 1625


Porcelain painted with cobalt blue under transparent glaze (Jingdezhen ware)

23.5cm x 4.5cm

 The shape of the dish, which alludes to the Ginko leaf, indicates that it was commissioned by a Japanese patron, most likely for a meal that accompanied the tea ceremony. The dish depicts a tranquil landscape scene. (5536)


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Tanqi Period: 1605-1627


22cm x 5cm

Crisply moulded as an open lotus bloom supported on a low straight foot, with two rows of overlapping petals encircling a central medallion enclosing a landscape scene. The exterior painted with Buddhist symbols alternating with flower sprays above a row of projecting petal tips.



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Tianqi Period (1620-1627)

Jingdezhen, China.

Leaf shaped ko-somestsuke dishes

H:2.5cm W:19cm 

WEB1322 (5574)

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Jingdezhen, China.

18th century

H: 23cm  W:10.5cm

WEB1323 (5585)

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Ming Dynasty, Late 16th century/ 17th century. 

Pinghe County, Zhangzhou prefecture, Fujian province

D:38.5cm x 8.5cm

Large Swatow export ware charger, in typical Swatow enamels of black, red. green, and blue, with buildings, mountains, , and flowers surrounding a central roundel with aquatic birds and flowering lotuses, the overall decorations very stylized and rapidly drawn, and typical of Swatow ware, the foot glaze retains sand from firing.  



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