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 Ming dynasty, late 16th-early 17th century. 

D: 39.4cm x 9.5cm

With deep sides, the center of the interior decorated with a flowering stalk bearing three blossoms amidst feathery leaves, below alternating foliate sprays in the cavetto and a decorative border on the everted rim, all in white slip applied in dots, thin lines and wash on a soft blue ground which continues onto the exterior - 15¾ in. 

Notes: A very similar dish is in the British Museum (see J. Harrison-Hall, Ming Ceramics, London, 2001, p. 347, no. 11:187); and a slightly smaller dish (38.1 cm.) is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, illustrated in Oriental Ceramics, The World's Great Collections, Tokyo, 1977, vol. 11, fig. 100.



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Ming Dynasty ca.1610

Pinghe County, Zhangzhou prefecture, Fujian province

A polychrome Swatow dish  made for the Japanese Market.(Akadama(red ball)type)

36cm x 7.5cm

Large Swatow export ware charger, in typical Swatow enamels of black, red. green, and blue, with large red enamel brocade roundels and foliate pendants surrounding the central red medallion, which exhibits a white rabbit on reverse. The overall decorations very stylized and rapidly drawn, and typical of Swatow ware, the foot glaze retains sand from firing. (5531)


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A pair of Famille Rose teapots, covers and stands (3401)

Ref: WEB150

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One of a pair of Famille Rose oval peacock dishes

W 350mm H 260mm

Ref: WEB151

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One of a set of four Famille Rose plates depicting Greek mythological scene of 'The Judgement of Paris'. The handsome shepherd Paris offering the golden apple to the goddess of his choice. (1884)

Ref: WEB152

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One of a pair of two Famille Rose plates (3236)

D:32cm H:4cm

Ref: WEB214

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One of a set of 4 Famille Rose plates depicted with peony flowers within a trellis and flowering border. (3239)

Ref: WEB216

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One of a set of 2 Famille Rose plates decorated with peacocks on the blossoming flowers within a trellis-diapered border reserved with lappets painted with peonies and lotus bud forms. (3236)

Ref: WEB217

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One of a set of 6 Famille Rose plates. Nice detailing decorated with chrysanthemum flowers within a rich trellis border. (3242)

Ref: WEB222

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One of a pair of Famille Rose plates painted with a very fine colouring deputing a vase of peonies and leaf within a decorated border with peonies and lotus flowers. (3238)

Ref: WEB818

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