A FAMILLE ROSE SEMI-EGGSHELL BEAKER AND SAUCER CHINESE, YONGZHENG PERIOD (1723-35), JINGDEZHEN The saucer moulded as a flower head and delicately enamelled with a shepherd in a turquoise coloured coat seated beside rockwork tending three sheep, the deep beaker similarly enamelled and lightly moulded. When the saucer is held up to the light the veins in the petals may be clearly seen. This idea being carried out in the under-glaze decoration. It is a fine example of the Chinese Taste and unusual excellence, of particular rarity and very highly esteemed by Chinese collectors. The saucer 13.5cm diameter. The beaker 7.5cm high Exhibited: Dorchester Hotel, London, 28 May-18 June 1931, no. 384 The Loan exhibition held at Dorchester Hotel in 1931 coincided with the arrival of Sir Percival David, the renowned collector of Chinese porcelain who lived at the Dorchester Hotel with his collection when it opened in April 1931 until it was evacuated to the countryside during World War II. Illustrated in the “THE BOOK OF FAMILLE ROSE” By Dr. George C. Williamson, published in 1970. Pg 50, plate XVI Provenance: Martin Hurst Collection S. Marchant & Son. Compare the almost identical set in The Walters Art Museum,Baltimore,U.S.A.

W 135mm H 75mm

Ref: WEB688