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Pair of polychrome vases with wooden bases and lids

W 130mm H 170mm

Ref: WEB35

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Imperial dragon plate inscribed and dated 1850.

W 35mm H 165mm

Ref: WEB46

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Bulster Famille Verte jar with cover

W 190mm H 450mm

Ref: WEB63

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One of a set of four Famille Verte plates (3231)

Ref: WEB149

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Famille verte plate

W 250mm H 250mm

Ref: WEB220

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A porcelain Meiping with Fahua Lotus Pond decoration. Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province. * Similar vase is illustrated in "Ming Ceramics in the British Museum", Jessica Harrison-Hall. P411. plate 13:5. It shows a composition of lotus flower, waves and garlands. The neck has a thickened overhanging rim, rounded shoulders, tapering sides and a stepped foot. The base is unglazed with a foot ring. The raised outlines of the design are applied in slip and filled with turquoise enamel with some yellow details on an ink-blue ground. White areas are created by using a covering of transparent glaze, revealing the white porcelain body beneath. Lotus flowers and foliage are depicted growing from a band of turbulent waves. Around the shoulders, ruyi clouds are joined by beaded garlands and from these are suspended tassels whit lozenge or round tops. The hight -fired porcelain body and palette employed are typical of those fahua wares made in southern China at Jingdezhen.

W 0mm H 320mm

Ref: WEB275

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Familie verte rounded vase

W 180mm H 130mm

Ref: WEB290

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A pair of famille verte vases; each vase with a domed cover and fruit finial, decorated with Kylin, ducks, flowers, and lotus. (3556)

Ref: WEB313

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A pair of famille verte vases, each one of ribbed baluster form with unglazed base, decorated in a typical combination of enamels with formal lotus, flowers and Buddhistic Lions.

W 0mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB319

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Doucai dish painted "Mandarine duck swimming on a lotus pond"

W 204mm H 47mm

Ref: WEB332

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