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Pair of Egg and Spinach glazed models of Buddhist Lion-dogs. Provenance: The Duarte Pinto Coelho Collection (4673)

W 230mm H 170mm

Ref: WEB664

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Fahua palette pocelain shrine. (4743)

W 140mm H 295mm

Ref: WEB665

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A Sancai glazed biscuit libation cup. (4744) (One is Sold)

W 90mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB670

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Rouleau vase decorated with green and blue dragons amongst flowers on an orange background.(5004)

W 170mm H 450mm

Ref: WEB703

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8 horses of Emperor Muwan (4990)

W 215mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB707

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A pair of Biscuit Sansai glazed hanging wall vase. (4972)

W 55mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB711

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Polychrome overgrazed dish decorated man on a horse and a lady being pushed on a chariot. (4918)

W 278mm H 53mm

Ref: WEB732

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Swatow overglazed turqoise enamel decorated with a flying horse and dragons. (4423)

W 379mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB733

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Famille Verte Ovid Vase with a domed cover. (5061)

W 110mm H 285mm

Ref: WEB787

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Flared top vase. (5064)

W 115mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB788

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