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Blanc de Chin standing figure of Kangyin (God of Mercy)

W 130mm H 410mm

Ref: WEB44

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Sectional archaic shaped flambe-glazed arrow vase with tubular ears

W 115mm H 300mm

Ref: WEB45

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A xingyao-type white glazed lobed dish. Slightly rounded sides flaring widely to a rim cut with ten petal lobes.

W 168mm H 168mm

Ref: WEB113

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A Jianyao tenmoku glazed Hare's-Fur tea bowl with silver rim. * Provenance, Philip Whatmoor, du Boulay collections. * A similar piece with silver rim is in Percival David Foundation. Another one is illustrated p45 1.215, at Osaka city museum exhibition So Gen No Bijyutsu Oct 1979.

W 125mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB115

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A white Junyao dish. * Acquired from the R.F.A. Riesco collection by Sieur Tzen, director of the China House of Arts, New York 1984.

Ref: WEB117

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Various monochrome apple green glazed vases

Ref: WEB207

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A lime green monochrome incense burner box and cover, seal mark of Wang Bing Wing.

W 0mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB269

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A turquoise monochrome brush pot of cylindrical and reticulated form, decorated with pine, prunus and bamboos.

Ref: WEB314

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A Robin?s Egg glazed (lu jun) vase with garlic mouth.

Ref: WEB316

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A motted brown/black Tenmoku glazed oviform vase, with two cylindrical handles with unglazed foot, Honan ware.

W 140mm H 140mm

Ref: WEB317

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