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Blanc-de-chine. Lotus Leaf water dropper, a crab in the well (4765)

W 90mm H 45mm

Ref: WEB641

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Blanc-de-chine libation cup depicting a tiger, dragon and a deer(4790)

W 100mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB642

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A pair of Turquoise glazed mountain shaped brush rests,modelled with five peaks,decorated with reticulated sections depicting bats and flowers. (4791)

W 10mm H 90mm

Ref: WEB645

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Ding ware bowl (4758)

W 90mm H 110mm

Ref: WEB647

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Blanc-de-chines censer, seal mark of Zun Ge Jie Jian. (4764)

W 130mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB673

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A pair of Blanc-de-chine cups. (4758)

W 65mm H 45mm

Ref: WEB674

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Iron splashed Qingbai glazed ewer. (4762)

W 80mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB675

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Russet-splashed dark brown-glazed bowl.(4757)

W 130mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB677

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White glazed bowl (5049)

W 149mm H 42mm

Ref: WEB720

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A pair of white Fu dogs. (4937)

W 98mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB724

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