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Ding Yao type ewer. (4755)


Offered for Sale at Sothebys London in the Asian Art sale on the 11th June 1991, lot 124

W 160mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB678

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A Jianyao tenmoku glazed Hare's-Fur tea bowl with silver rim. * Provenance, Philip Whatmoor, du Boulay collections. * A similar piece with silver rim is in Percival David Foundation. Another one is illustrated p45 1.215, at Osaka city museum exhibition So Gen No Bijyutsu Oct 1979. (3307)

Letter from Anthony Du Boulay stating he acquired the item from Philip Whatmoor's estate sale in the 1990's. Du Boulay believes Whatmoor had purchased the item between 1970-1980. 

W 125mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB115

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A motted brown/black Tenmoku glazed oviform vase, with two cylindrical handles with unglazed foot, Honan ware.

W 140mm H 140mm(3902)

Ref: WEB317

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The U-shaped body with a gently flaring rim, incised with a stylised flowerhead to the interior and simple concentric bands to the exterior, with two paper labels inscribed 'George Eumorfopoulos C143' and 'Brodie & Enid Lodge M767', 9.6cm. (5526)

Provenance: from the collection of Francis Golding (1944-2013), formerly in the collections of George Eumorfopoulos and Brodie Lodge.

Cf. R L Hobson, The Eumorfopoulous Collection, volume III p.24, no.C143, pl.29.


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A box and cover carved bunch of prunas under the moon crescent,Jizhou ware . (4761)

W 80mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB648

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Dingyao conical petal lobed bowl carved with a leafy flower stamp. (5174B)

W 185mm H 35mm

Ref: WEB862

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White glazed twin fish and lotus molded bowl (5035)

W 150mm H 67mm

Ref: WEB959

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tz'u-cho White creamy glazed bowl (5244)

W 45mm H 15mm

Ref: WEB969

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Ruyi-shaped box and cover decorated with a flowering chrysanthemum within a beaded border, covered overall in an ivory-white glaze. (5230B)


  • Formerly in the Tsuneichi collection and offered for sale at Sothebys, London on the 13th May 2015 titled ‘The soul of the Japanese Aesthetics- The Tsuneichi Inoue Collection.’
  • Illustrated in the ‘Tokubetsu tenji go: Higashi Asia no futamono’ (Special exhibition box and cover: Eastern Asian box and cover), Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Osaka, 1984, cat. no. 46.

High-fired stoneware.

Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279).

Ding kilns, Quyang, Hebei, North China.

W 6.5cm H 3.2cm

Ref: WEB1078

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Lobed shape cup (4921)

W 90mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB1079

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