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The deep bowl has a pinched 'piecrust' rim and is covered inside and out with a thin white glaze, which stops short of the shallowly cut foot ring, exposing the fine white body. 

SONG DYNASTY (AD 960-1279)

H: W:


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A box and cover carved bunch of prunas under the moon crescent,Jizhou ware . (4761)

W 80mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB648

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Dingyao conical petal lobed bowl carved with a leafy flower stamp. (5174B)

W 185mm H 35mm

Ref: WEB862

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White glazed twin fish and lotus molded bowl (5035)

W 150mm H 67mm

Ref: WEB959

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tz'u-cho White creamy glazed bowl (5244)

W 45mm H 15mm

Ref: WEB969

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Ruyi-shaped box and cover decorated with a flowering chrysanthemum within a beaded border, covered overall in an ivory-white glaze. (5230B)


  • Formerly in the Tsuneichi collection and offered for sale at Sothebys, London on the 13th May 2015 titled ‘The soul of the Japanese Aesthetics- The Tsuneichi Inoue Collection.’
  • Illustrated in the ‘Tokubetsu tenji go: Higashi Asia no futamono’ (Special exhibition box and cover: Eastern Asian box and cover), Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Osaka, 1984, cat. no. 46.

High-fired stoneware.

Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279).

Ding kilns, Quyang, Hebei, North China.

W 6.5cm H 3.2cm

Ref: WEB1078

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Lobed shape cup (4921)

W 90mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB1079

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Ewer water dropper (4762)

W 60mm H 95mm

Ref: WEB1082

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Ding Yao type ewer. (4755)


Offered for Sale at Sothebys London in the Asian Art sale on the 11th June 1991, lot 124

W 160mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB678

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The U-shaped body with a gently flaring rim, incised with a stylised flowerhead to the interior and simple concentric bands to the exterior, with two paper labels inscribed 'George Eumorfopoulos C143' and 'Brodie & Enid Lodge M767', 9.6cm. (5526)

Provenance: from the collection of Francis Golding (1944-2013), formerly in the collections of George Eumorfopoulos and Brodie Lodge.

Cf. R L Hobson, The Eumorfopoulous Collection, volume III p.24, no.C143, pl.29.


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