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Ivory chess set on Japanese lacquered board

W 400mm H 360mm

Ref: WEB48

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Ivory carved vase

W 90mm H 240mm

Ref: WEB51

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Gilt bronze statues of standing officials

W 70mm H 250mm

Ref: WEB57

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Gilt bronze seated Buddha

W 190mm H 320mm

Ref: WEB83

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A Chinese hardwood calendrical striking table clock on turntable stand.

Ref: WEB100

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A fine gilt bronze seated Buddha

Ref: WEB133

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A black lacquer Guri dish of circular form fitted in a wooden box.

W 135mm H 135mm

Ref: WEB268

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A pair of cinnabar lacquer peach shaped boxes with carved exteriors showing elderly scholar seated fishing by the lake side.

Ref: WEB270

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A pair of grey schist circular tiles. Each one decorated at the center with the Daoist theme of deer beside fungus.

W 230mm H 230mm

Ref: WEB271

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Collage of Si-wang-mu, the Mother Queen of the West

W 750mm H 910mm

Ref: WEB300

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