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Spinach green jade censor. (4852)

W 150mm H 165mm

Ref: WEB613

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Bronze seated Budai (4850)

W 240mm H 260mm

Ref: WEB620

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Ivory Hehe Erxian snuff bottle(4786)

W 50mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB643

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A miniature gilt bronze Buddha.

W 40mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB650

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A rotating Clossione magpie perched on a wooden stand. Refer to 'Musee des Art Decoatifs' collection illustrated in no.59 of 'The Chinese and Japanese Cloisonne Enamels' by Sir Harry Garner, published by Faber in 1962 (4999)

W 370mm H 200mm

Ref: WEB705

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Bronze suiteki (water dropper) (4997)

W 71mm H 65mm

Ref: WEB706

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Silver tea caddy enamel and coral inlaid. decorated with birds and flowers. (4978)

W 100mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB709

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A Stucco head of a warrior with some trace of inlaid glass eyes. (4961)

W 190mm H 330mm

Ref: WEB712

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LINGBI rock.

W 200mm H 800mm

Ref: WEB767

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A two doored hard wood/elm cabinet. (5058)

W 1050mm H 2005mm

Ref: WEB785

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