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Snuff bottle with reverse inside painting decoration, Chinese mini masterpiece, high quality decoration depicting a landscape with some scholars. Scholar painting similarity such as "Scholar on a path". (5138)

W 50mm H 90mm

Ref: WEB802

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Agate snuff bottle decoration of a sage with a stick in dark brown. A peach tree in blossom and a butterfly carved in relief in the other side. (5132)

W 60mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB803

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Brown agate snuff bottle with grey, orange and red ribs. (5134)

W 50mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB804

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Chinese LINGBI rock stone, smooth in texture, gorgeous in colour and in shape.

W 360mm H 450mm

Ref: WEB806

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Dark brown natural wood root, fantastic in shape.

W 340mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB809

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Natural wood basket . 5142-70

W 430mm H 390mm

Ref: WEB846

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A large Chinese silk embroidered wall Hanging. Embroidered with Immortals, warriors and various figures in a pavilion setting with garden terraces amongst auspicious birds and creatures.

W 2020mm H 2960mm

Ref: WEB871

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Ivory, of mottled and patinated creamy yellow tones; carved in the form of a cloud, as a small tray with blossoming lotus branches, lingzhi fungus, waves and swirls of cloud, all suspended by cords looped through the crest of the cloud in relief facing the central plain area; the reverse plain except for the edges which are carved with cord and clouds in low relief. 18th century Provenance: Hugh Moss, 1968, with receipt Note: For a dish of similar type from the collection of Edward T. Chow, see Sotheby’s, 8 October 2014, lot 3776. There is a series of small trays of this type, most in ivory, and mostly made during the Qing period. This appear to have been used as a standard type of tray in a poetic drinking game. In a work by Zhang Zhao (died after 1698) in which he advises an ailing friend on various remedies for curing his malaise, the following appears: “And when the dinner is finished, start drinking again with ivory trays. The wine games shall be refined and the punishments not too severe, while the friends shall be simple and tireless. Such is the joy of drinking.”1 The form of the reference suggests that ivory trays are standard to the game. The game in question is called Hangjiuling (‘running wine order’), where participants compose poetic lines based upon prescribed rhyming schemes: an opening character is given to them and they must compose in a certain time. Failure to do so results in a punishment of a cup of wine. The rhyming schemes might be carved or written on small plaques, which are drawn by the participants. We suggest that these ivory trays, with the elegant carving leaving just enough room for one cup of wine, were used to pass the punishment cup to the failed poet. 1. Quoted in The Importance of Understanding, p 96. (5203)

W 200mm H 15mm

Ref: WEB894

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Chinese paktong plum blossom decorated hexagonal shape tea caddy.. (5210)

W 75mm H 130mm

Ref: WEB898

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Chinese Ivory small vase decorated with geometric design, dragon handles (5200)

W 65mm H 85mm

Ref: WEB899

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