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Silver snuff bottles with blue and green enamel, design of blossoming flowers and Chinese character, signature on the bottom one set H: 53 mm, W: 45 mm one set: H65 mm, W 42 mm (5196)

W 45mm H 53mm

Ref: WEB905

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Chinese bronze Kannin (Guanyin) seated on the rocky montain with a buddhist lion on the side, censer. (5202)

W 170mm H 190mm

Ref: WEB907

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Chinese bronze vase, design of waves and cloud, geometric stylise decoration on the neck, animal heads as handles (5193B)

W 85mm H 175mm

Ref: WEB909

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Hardstone-inlaid gilt belt buckle Inset with a variety of hardstones, cast in relief with bats amongst clouds scrolls. (5216)

W 30mm H 110mm

Ref: WEB912

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Hardstone-inlaid gilt belt buckle Gilt bronze scrolled bases mounted with sunstone and sapphire on one side and pale green hardstone on the other. (5216)

W 55mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB913

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Gilt-bronze sectional belt clasp with a sliding section, cast with three panels of Buddhist lions playing with brocade balls. (5217)

W 30mm H 75mm

Ref: WEB914

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Gilt-bronze sectional belt clasp. Rough cut quartz and green hardstone each surrounded by four of the Eight Daoist Emblems in gilt bronze repousse, the clasp formed as a mythical beast's head set with moonstone and red jewelled eyes. (5217)

W 30mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB915

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Chinese belt hook, European subject Rectangular panels cast in relief with scenes of figures on terraces, with dragon head hook. (5217)

W 40mm H 140mm

Ref: WEB916

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Set of 5 cloisonne saucers fitted in original box (510035)

W 90mm H 130mm

Ref: WEB917

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Carved amber snuff bottle (5215)

W 65mm H 85mm

Ref: WEB918

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