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Black lacquered stem cup inlayed with mother of pearl shells (5236)

W 90mm H 95mm

Ref: WEB950

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Bronze Chinese figurine of a wiser man with a crutch on the left side holding a double gourd ornament on the other hand. (5236)

W 60mm H 165mm

Ref: WEB951

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Dark bronze figurine, sage with crush, double gourd ornament on the left and a peach on the other hand. (5236)

W 80mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB952

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Chinese barrel shape silver box, signed on the bottom. (5239)

W 53mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB971

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Chinese wood figure of a wise man (5236)

W 70mm H 190mm

Ref: WEB973

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Eccentric Ornament Gourd; grown into an eccentric form by being tied during growth. Undecorated gourds. They were valued for their pleasant shapes and patination, and for their symbolism; it was not at all unusual to have a few about the studio or home, hanging from a stick, a piece of furniture, or a ruyi, set on a stand, or just lying on a table or in a bowl or dish. This example, which from a certain angle resembles a young goose, has been restrained during growth by a series of cords to achieve a delightfully eccentric form. (4502)

W 280mm H 135mm

Ref: WEB895

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Chinese red lacquer lobed box with arabesque decoration in gold and black (5213)

W 450mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB896

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Chinese tray inlayed with M.O.P Trail inlay with mother of pearl shells, design of grapes all over inscriptions on the centre

W 305mm H 105mm

Ref: WEB972

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Seated Shakyamuni Bronze, Gilding remnants remain. The Buddha's legs are crossed in the lotus and he is seated on a double lotus throne (padmasana). His lowered right hand (bhumisparsha mudra) records the moment just prior to his enlightenment as he called the earth to witness his worthiness to achieve liberation. He is seen here wearing a heavy and thick robe with uneven folds. He bears the typical iconography of the Buddhahood (laksanas) including the cranial bump or ushnisha the mark between the eyes (urna) and elongated earlobes with no jewellery, which is symbolism for his renunciation of his royalty.

W 186mm H 310mm

Ref: WEB1113

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A pair of gilt lacquered wood figures of seated dignitaries, The male wearing Dragon robe is holding a open book in his left hand. (5210)

W 115mm H 200mm

Ref: WEB983

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