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Chinese root wood carving of deity. (5236)

W 140mm H 260mm

Ref: WEB998

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Pair of miniature snuff box & covers carved overlay Peking glass. (5173)

W 15mm H 45mm

Ref: WEB1083

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Seated Amitayus

Ref: WEB1114

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 A tixi lacquer stem cup deeply carved to the exterior through alternating layers of black and red lacquer with a repeating design of ruyi-head scrolls, the interior and base lined with metal.  (5516)

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Height: 8.7cm 


-Collection of Francis Golding (1944-2013).

-Formerly in the collection of Michael J.A.Wilcox, London, 19 March 2003.


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A Cinnabar lacquer stem cup carved with two birds amongst lychee hanging on leafy stems, all on a diaper pattern ground and below a band of key fret to the rim, the stems decorated with lingzhi sprigs, the interiors and bases are lined with metal. (5516)

Mind Dynasty (1368-1644)

Height: 8.7cm


-Collection of Francis Golding (1944-2013).

-With Bluett & Sons, London.

-With Linart Ltd, London, 17 July 1995, no. 205.


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Tuquoise snuff bottle depicting a mystical cloud-blowing koi on one side, and a heavenly cloud-blowing horse on the other. (5517)

Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Height: 3cm


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The exterior carved to resemble a shi-shi dog (Imperial Guardian Lion) leaning its paws on an embroidered ball, representing Imperial supremacy over the world. (5273)


Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).


Robert Blunefield Collection

Gerard Hawthorne Collection.

H: 6cm L:10cm


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Depicting a koi carp. (5497)

Qing Dynasty (1368-1644)

7cm x 12cm


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Snuff bottle enamels decoration depictind objects such as buskets, vases, stones, plants, roll paintings. Two main inscriptions on the body, Imperial mark on the bottom. (5138)

W 30mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB808

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Silk brocade (parrot perched on flower)

W 260mm H 610mm

Ref: WEB204

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