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A Chinese bamboo wrist rest, carved with a landscape and calligraphy, inscribed ‘Blessings from the Three Fortune Gods’ and dated 1875, 29cm high x 7cm wide Provenance: ‘Mr. Ko’ acquired this in Tsinan in 1922 and then by direct family descent. ‘Mr Ko’ worked for the Chinese Postal Service from 1904-1947.


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A Chinese Shoushan stone ‘Buddhistic Lion’ seal, seated on square seal base, the stone of veined caramel colour, 84g, with fabric box

Provenance: Estate Collection from a renowned Taiwanese Diplomatic Family - Cai Wanjun (? - 2011), Xu Shaochang (1913- 1999), and Ye Gongchao (1904 - 1981). 

5.7cm high x 3.2cm x 3.2cm. 



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Chinese Shoushan soapstone seals, the larger mottled caramel stone in the form of a mountain, carved one side with scholars under a pine tree, the reverse side with a buffalo and a figure with a buildings on the mountains above, signed ‘Luqiao’ Zhang Dayong in the year of jiwei (1919), the seal reds something akin to ‘Within one inkstone, rain upon pear blossoms’.

8.5 cm high x 10.7 cm wide x 1.5cm deep


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The other of oval section, carved with buildings and trees in a mountainous landscape, signed, the seal reading something akin to ‘Xi hua chang shi zun chou’ ‘Loving flowers, I always seek the sorrow of blossoms’, 8.5 cm high x 5cm wide x 2.4cm deep

WEB1176 (5521)

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A Chinese caramel coloured Shoushan soapstone Lohan, of Tianhuang-type, well carved and with coloured inlays, 7cm high, fitted wood stand, hardwood box with sliding top


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A Chinese hardwood scholar’s utensil vase, Qing Dynasty, of ribbed slender square section, 12cm high

WEB1177 (5524)

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Five claws 9 Dragons wool carpet (2904)

W 1580mm H 2500mm

Ref: WEB99

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Natural root wood scholar's brush pot. (4502)

W 360mm H 420mm

Ref: WEB508

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A pair of reticulated fruit wood panels. (4537A)

W 455mm H 860mm

Ref: WEB543

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Pair of Chinese silver candle stick holders on a wooden base, depicting bamboo growing from the rockwork. (4635)

W 78mm H 128mm

Ref: WEB582

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