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Yellow Glazed bowl (5017)

W 190mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB700

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Blue glazed cup. (provenance:Thompson Collection) (4946)

W 76mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB722

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Standing Court lady (4935)

W 55mm H 185mm

Ref: WEB725

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A pair of female seated officials with their legs crossed. (4934)

W 55mm H 155mm

Ref: WEB726

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A standing plump lady. (2100)

W 110mm H 370mm

Ref: WEB765

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Black pottery figure of a free standing horse. Oxford authentication certificate confirming that the figure was last fired between 1000-1600 years ago. Sample number C111j66.

W 460mm H 430mm

Ref: WEB766

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White glazed spittoon Zhadou, The spittoon is of squat globular shape with a small foot and a waisted neck rising to a upturned dish mouth. (4447)

W 150mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB768

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White glazed ewer. (4647) Provenance: Late Mrs J.R. Burchard

W 140mm H 250mm

Ref: WEB769

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White glazed box and cover.(5103)

W 60mm H 30mm

Ref: WEB772

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Stoneware horse with saddle 5102-40

W 370mm H 365mm

Ref: WEB887

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