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A Longquan Celadon glazed vase with wooden base and lid

W 130mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB43

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A Longquan Celadon duck shaped incense burner

W 70mm H 200mm

Ref: WEB50

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A green-glazed Yue, Chicken - Head Ewer. * Provenance, The Idemitsu Museum, Japan * A similar Yueyao ewer preserved by the Cixi county council for Cultural Relics in Zhejiang province (excavated 1979) is illustrated in Chugoku toji zenshu, Vol. 4, Shanghai, 1981 pl. 120. Another from the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art was included in the exhibition Ice and Green Clouds. Traditions of Chinese Celadon, Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1987, Cat. No. 30.

Ref: WEB109

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An olive green glazed Yueyao bowl on a foot ring base in very fine buff-coloured stoneware, fully coated, including the base. (3290)

W 140mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB114

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A Longquan Celadon vase

Ref: WEB118

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Tobi seiji vase, fixed loop on the handles. (3624)

Ref: WEB294

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Moulded twin-fish inside lotus leaves outside shallow bowl.

W 130mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB295

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Bottle vase.

Ref: WEB296

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Moulded lotus leaves bowl.

W 130mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB297

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A Cadogan tea pot,under glazed blue and copper red,celadon glaze over.(4287)

W 190mm H 140mm

Ref: WEB432

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