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Kraak porselein blue and white dish. Dutch East Indian Company V.O.C.mark in cobalt underglazed blue.

W 370mm H 75mm

Ref: WEB41

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Baluster jar

W 130mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB55

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Bowl with open work handles. Ex collection of Soame Jenyns. (Illustrated in 'Oriental Blue and White' by Sir Harry

W 60mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB65

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Arita miniature dish shaped as Chinese lion shishi

W 105mm H 19mm

Ref: WEB89

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Blue and white Kakiemon style square bottle. (1061)

Ref: WEB172

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Blue and white double-gourd vase. (2401)

Ref: WEB173

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Blue and white bottle vase. (3253)

Ref: WEB174

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Blue and white ewer , pagoda on phoenix. Signed in underglaze blue "makuzu-yo Kozan-sei" made by 2nd Kozan Han-nosuke.

W 210mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB335

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Blue and white Kakiemon type jar. (2014)

W 300mm H 420mm

Ref: WEB347

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Barbers bowl. 3866

W 275mm H 78mm

Ref: WEB348

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