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Kiri (plant) Azumaya (Straw roof) decorated in underglaze blue,overglaze gold , silver and red. (3967)

W 220mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB349

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Deer under the maple tree in overglaze enamel ,underglaze blue in Kakiemon style plate.(4111)

W 205mm H 30mm

Ref: WEB351

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V.O.C. marked Kraak porcelain dish

W 215mm H 35mm

Ref: WEB363

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Shoki-Imari blue & white porcelain Camellia decorated plate.(3514)

W 203mm H 28mm

Ref: WEB413

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Kraak porcelain charger , deer decorated in the center.(4232)

W 443mm H 75mm

Ref: WEB425

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V.O.C.painted in underglazed in cobalt,Kraak porcelain plate.(4810)

W 225mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB595

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V.O.C.marked in underglaz cobalt, Kraak porcelain charger. (4828)

W 325mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB597

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Apothecary Bottle vase with a monogram of H.S. (4907)

W 145mm H 215mm

Ref: WEB730

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A square bottle depicting the salt making process.(4858)

W 70mm H 134mm

Ref: WEB764

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Underglazed cobalt decorated deer in the center. (5120B)

W 315mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB796

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