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Early Imari blue and white jar. Provenance; The George and Cornelia Wingfield Digby collection.

Ref: WEB159 (3134)

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Early Imari Blue and White vase.

Ref: WEB160 (2303m)

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Blue and white baluster jar with domed cover.

Ref: WEB168 (4401)

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Arita Aikaki jar

Ref: WEB231 (G605)

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Pair of Arita blue and white bowls and covers, depicting Dutch merchants.

W 112mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB291 (3783)

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Rare Arita sometsuke model of a recumbent Cow, probably after a Dutch Delft original, seated on an irregularly shaped base.

Ref: WEB311 (2436)

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A Blue and White Apothecary bottle (gallipot) with IS and H:B marks. Illustrated in Christian J.A.Jorg, Japanese Apothecary Bottles with initials, in The Hyakunenan journal of Porcelain Study No.7, fig.7, Arita 1992. The H.B. monogram can be attributed to Hendrick van Buytenheym who was the Head of the Trading Station on Deshima Island in 1685, 1688, 1691 and 1693.

* Provenance, Barry Davies Oriental Art Ltd. 1997. "Ko-Imari Porcelain from the collection of Oliver Impey", no. 39, page 80. Kyushu Toji Bunka-Kan "The Voyage of Old-Imari Porcelains", 2000, no. 58, page 42.

Ref: WEB175 (2481)

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One of a pair of Blue and White Apothecary bottles (gallipot) with I.V.H mark. The initials IVH may refer to Joan van Hoorn 1653-1711 who was Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies 1704-1709.

* Similar bottle is illustrated in "The Voyage of Old-Imari Porcelains" The Kyushu Toji Bunka-Kan, Arita 2000, no. 54, page 40.

Ref: WEB176 (2825)

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17th century Each rectangular bottle decorated with cartouches enclosing pruns and scholarly landscapes, the biscuits fired borders and shoulder with traces of gilt-lacquer.

Ref: WEB1058 (5265)

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Decorated with a landscape made for the Dutch East India company.

WEB1141 (5456)


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