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Gilt lacquered wooden standing figurine of Amida on lotus base

W 180mm H 1050mm

Ref: WEB49

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A serene figure of a priest seated on an elaborate lotus petal throne, slide inside the zushi.

Ref: WEB299

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Seated figure of Miroku-Bosatsu (4131)

W 380mm H 557mm

Ref: WEB377

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Standing Boddhisattva, Kirikane technique on wood (gold leaf decoration)

Ref: WEB388

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Hyakuman Tou, one of the Million Pagoda Set, commissioned by the Empress Shotoku(reigned765-770), Lower Part:Turned Hinoki(Japanese Cypress) 13.3cm H, 10.2cm D(Bottom), 182g(weight), Top Part: Turned Katsura Tree 8.3cm H, 8.9g(weight) Together with Darani-Kyo

W 102mm H 216mm

Ref: WEB391

A copper gilt Reliquary, Sutra tray, Sutra box and cover and Incense container.

W 330mm H 145mm

Ref: WEB399

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Gilt wood carved Boddhisattva seated on the original base.

W 360mm H 470mm

Ref: WEB449

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Japanese Shinto seated female deity in Hinoki-wood.(3498)

W 155mm H 350mm

Ref: WEB757

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Lacquered wooden Zushi,depicting a seated Buddha surrounded by 18 Lohans. (4890)

W 253mm H 310mm

Ref: WEB758

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Gilt wood carving of seated Dai Nichi Nyorai on lotus frond.

W 260mm H 1020mm

Ref: WEB1065

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