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Wooden seated Amida-Bosatsu

W 150mm H 350mm

Ref: WEB82 (3509) 

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Buddhist Sutra, painted in gold

W 1020mm H 252mm

Ref: WEB394 (4106)

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Sugi cedar wood carving of a jumping Shinto deer mounted on a board. Sold with The Radio-Carbon Dating certificate.

W 330mm H 470mm

Ref: WEB591 (4589)

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A seated Daruma carved from cyprus wood in sections.(Bodhidharma)

W 540mm H 610mm

Ref: WEB592 (4587)

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With serene expression and downward looking eyes this sculpture is carved and assembled from cypress wood in yosegi-zukuri (multiple block) technique and modeled as Amida (The Buddha of immeasurable light and infinite life who resides in the Western Paradise) seated in the lotus position. The right hand is raised while the left hand is lowered, each hand forms a closed circle by joining the index and the thumb, this is known as Ai-i-in gesture, and symbolizes the perfect and eternal Law of the Buddha. This particular gesture signifies the descent of Amida Buddha to earth in order to pursue the souls of the dead. Clothed in a heavy robe with uneven thick folds, the anatomy is not visible apart from the muscular chest, which is left bare.

His eyes are made of crystal glass with the pupils painted in black, providing a sense of realism, which was a popular notion towards the end of the 12th century. The craftsman would place handmade white paper behind the crystal, before the crystal was inserted inside the head. The crystal eye and the wood backing is held in place with small bamboo pins. His heavy robe is elaborately decorated with thinly cut gold leaf, a technique known as kiri-kane.

Hinoki (cypress wood), kiri-kane (cut gold leaf) and inlaid crystal eyes.

Kamakura period (AD 1185-1333)


H 385mm D 55mm 

Ref: WEB452 (4383)

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