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A pair of flowers design small cups

H: 3.5cm D:5.5cm


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Large polychrome plate with eagles purched on cherry tree in blossom

W 500mm H 95mm

Ref: WEB42

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Chrysanthemum lobed Arita polychromed bowl

W 215mm H 90mm

Ref: WEB86

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A fine white dove purched on roof tile. Seal mark MAKUZU KOZAN (1842-1916)

Ref: WEB192

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Large cloisonne on porcelain jar with cover and stand signed Kawamoto Hansuke. Hansuke Kawamoto 6th was the inventor of this browny black glaze. Inscribed in English - Stand for Vase - (words not read) - Sep. 1868.

Ref: WEB197

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Water-dropper in the shape of a seated lady. Her kimono decorated in black, turquoise, yellow and red enamel with an unglazed base.

W 110mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB263

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Painted porcelain plaque, seto ware, seal mark of Kato Zenji, Meiji period (1868-1912)

W 448mm H 635mm

Ref: WEB303

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Brush-washer shape of Tanchozuru (Manshurian crane). Stamped mark of Makuzu. Made by Makuzu Kozan 3rd Kuzunosuke.

W 160mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB338

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Polychrome decorated Imari charger. (4060)

W 310mm H 45mm

Ref: WEB352

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Overglaze gilt quail decorated charger.(4136)

W 333mm H 53mm

Ref: WEB353

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