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Arita Bowl. (4118)

W 250mm H 128mm

Ref: WEB354

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Pair of Imari charger. Prov.Witcombe Park Gloucestershire.(4153)

W 543mm H 95mm

Ref: WEB360

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Lemonade fountain. (3973)

W 220mm H 375mm

Ref: WEB370

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Vase decorated with persimmon. Signed; Inoue Ryousai.(3453)

W 100mm H 170mm

Ref: WEB439

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Pair of symmetrical cloisonne on porcelain baluster jars, with lids, depicting butterflies and flowers. On the base there is a sign in underglaze blue: 'Nippon shippo gaisha seizo', and the maker's signature in overglaze red: 'Takeuchi Chuubei'.

W 115mm H 148mm

Ref: WEB587

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A pair of Imari charger. (4748)

W 320mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB681

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Miyanaga Tozan. A pale blue slender with a white slip lillies decoration.Seal mark of Tozan.(5011)

W 95mm H 445mm

Ref: WEB701

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Suwa Sozan. A round celadon vase decorated with swimming grey and copper red carps. Seal mark of Sozan. (5010)

W 100mm H 235mm

Ref: WEB702

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A set of five open-winged butterfly shaped dish.(4696)

W 130mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB759

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A square bottle (4857)

W 96mm H 192mm

Ref: WEB763

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