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Rare Ninsei type overglaze enamels and gilt plate. * A set of five identical plates is illustrated in Shibata collection Part II, no. 132, page 58.

Ref: WEB179 (2424)

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Nabeshima bowl.

W 100mm H 67mm

Ref: WEB181 (2521)

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Yoshidaya Flower-shaped bowl. Provenance, The Manno Art Museum, Osaka.

W 150mm H 65mm

Ref: WEB235 (2574)

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Polychrome decorated jar.

W 350mm H 460mm

Ref: WEB345 (2526)

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Square bottle.

W 93mm H 205mm

Ref: WEB371 (2568) 

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An arita model of a Hotei seated on drum with Karako and 2 puppies, decorated, in a typical coloured enamels and gilt, the drum later pierced with an opening for the french clock, the movement by Loius Mountjoye, Paris, on ormolu base, with lions paw feet, on gilt bronze base, and a clock key.

W 140mm H 250mm

Ref: WEB741 (4385)

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Dressed as a Yamato Nadeshiko with a kimono and obi, the obi with tomo-e and other motifs, the kimono with floral designs.

Ref: WEB1060 (5266)

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A Pair of Japanese Imari U - shaped tea bowls painted with peony and chrysanthemum.

W 120mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB1104 (5300)

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Two-handle jar with cover. Signed in underglaze blue , Kawamoto Masukichi SEI.

W 225mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB433 (4290)

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Arita, Japan.

Genroku period C.1700.

Large Porcelain Imari Figure of a lady wearing Kimono.


WEB1197 (5503)

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