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Pair of Butterfly Bowl 

H: 5.5cm  D: 15cm

Ref: WEB1216 (R)

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Standing Figure of a lady wearing a Kimono

H:35cm W:14cm

WEB1217 (5463)

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Standing Figure of Man

H34cm W11cm

Ref: WEB1218 (5463)

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Standing Figure of Bijin

H:39cm W:14cm

Ref:WEB1219 (2449)

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A pair of Ken Jyo Imari, overlay enamels in red and gold colours, underglaze cobalt blue

Birds and flowers design

H 8cm W 16.5cm

WEB1220 (2431)

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A pair of bowls with blossom branches design (marked on the bottom)

H:6.5cm D:18.5cm

Ref: WEB1221 (787)

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A pair of flower design teacups

H: 3.5cm D:5.5cm


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Libation cup with dolm cover and a carved handle on a shape of tiger and flowers.

H:22.5cm D:19cm

WEB1223 (3492)

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Tripod Cistern with Court Scene in Mould

H:36cm W:23cm

WEB1224 (4528,R)

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Polychrome Bijin decorated jar and cover

H:30cm W:18cm 

WEB1225 (4545)

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