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A fine Kakiemon plate

Ref: WEB94

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A fine Kakiemon vase

Ref: WEB95

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A Kakiemon plate decorated in underglaze blue and overglaze enamels. * Provenance, The George and Cornelia Wingfield Digby collection.

W 210mm H 210mm

Ref: WEB167

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A fine Kakiemon style Koro with silver cover

Ref: WEB169

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A fine Kakiemon barbed petal lobed dish with iron-brown rim

Ref: WEB178

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Underglaze blue and white , yellow , turquoise blue enamel and red painted flower decorated vase. (3869)

W 210mm H 300mm

Ref: WEB342

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Blue & White , brown edge 2 AYU fish square dish, Kakiemon kiln.(4316)

W 260mm H 130mm

Ref: WEB419

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Underglaze blue & white , overglazed enamel plate, Kakiemon kiln.(4230)

W 200mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB420

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Blue & white bulster jar , herons under pine trees. (4305)

W 300mm H 370mm

Ref: WEB421

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Blue & white square jar.(4292)

W 110mm H 300mm

Ref: WEB422

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