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A Kakiemon small cup with flower design. (5318)

W 65mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB1106

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A Kakiemon small plate decorated with flower sprays. (5318)

W 110mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB1107

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14cm x 9cm.

17th century.

Kakiemon boy holding a double gourd.

WEB1190 (5539)

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A fine Kakiemon square section slender neck vase

Ref: WEB164 (2277)

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A fine Kakiemon baluster jar with domed cover

Ref: WEB165 (K248)

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A set of five Kakiemon lobed bowls. * Identical bowl is illustrated in Shibata collection Part VI, no. 318, page 196.

Ref: WEB177 (2520)

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A Kakiemon bottle of square section with angled shoulder and short waisted neck painted in iron red and green, blue and black enamels with a bird perched on a branch of prunus, the shoulder with scattered blossoms, the neck with European gilt bronze mount.

Ref: WEB272 (3797)

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A pair of ewers with wide rounded sides, which tapers toward the galleried rim, an elongated shallow s-shaped spout is attached to the lower section of the main body, a sturdy u-shaped handle with a small loop for the metallic lid, joins the mouthrim to the main body, all raised on a tall foot. Decorated in underglaze cobalt blue, the central panel depicting a garden scene with two birds amongst sprouting bamboo from rockwork. The foot, side panels, handle and spout is elaborately decorated with floral scrolling. Produced for the Middle Eastern market.

Porcelain, underglaze blue.


Saga prefecture, Japan.

W 250mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB418 (4309) (123)

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Shallow dish with low tapering foot, decorated with flowers and birds

W 214mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB655 (4651)

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Small lobed dish c.1700

W 110mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB1059(5264)

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