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A 7 lobed Japanese Kakiemon Dish decorated in the typical Kakiemon overglaze enamel palette, black outlines and underglaze cobalt blue. The outer rim displays a double-line underglaze blue border, while the the central medallion is distinguished with a thicker underglaze blue border interspersed with 4 rocks. The central motif is a flowering chrysanthemum. The outer section exhibits flowering pomegranate branches. The composition is asymmetrical and well-balanced with the milky-white (nigoshide) porcelain body.

W 208mm H 33mm

Ref: WEB1109 (5321)

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A large and sturdy Japanese, Kakiemon ewer decorated in a underglaze cobalt blue, flowering chrysanthemums and a couple of 3-tailed flying phoenixes. The spout of the teapot resembles a sprouting bamboo(3439)

W 195mm H 235mm

Ref: WEB1112 (3439) (5221)

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Underglaze blue vase , overglaze yellow, blue, red and black decorated birds amongst flowers. (4089)

W 110mm H 115mm

Ref: WEB343

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