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Blue and White Kakiemon bowl depicting men walking on a path (outside)

Stylize Arabesque pattern (inside)

H:5cm D:14cm

Ref: WEB1210 (4474)

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Two Chrysanthemum design Square Bottles with Octopus design on top

H:27cm W:12cm

WEB1211 (4363)

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Two Peacocks on Flowers design

H:2.8cm D:20.5cm

WEB1212 (2260)

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Plate with Landscape Design

H:6.5cm D:31.2cm

Ref:WEB1213 (F787)

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Landcape Design 

H22 W16.5

WEB1259 (2673)

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Set of Three Phoenix Design Dishes

H: 3.6cm D: 21.5cm 

Ref: WEB1262 (4484)

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Lobed Bowl

H: 6cm D: 11.5cm

Ref: WEB1263 (2289)

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