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Douhachi Hand Warmer model of a cat. Seal mark of Ninami 5099-38

W 420mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB995

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Jinenbo Nakagawa (born 1955) E-Karatsu ware Mizusashi (fresh water jar & cover)

W 150mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB935

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Hagi ware bowl (wari-koudai)in a wooden box. (7J7)

W 130mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB934

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HANDEISHI bowl geometric design fitted in the box ,certified by the 2nd Handeishi(grandchild):repaired chip with gold Makie. (8J112)

W 115mm H 65mm

Ref: WEB933

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Kusube Yaichi Cream glazed model of a puppy. By Kusube Yaichi ( stamped seal) in the original signed box. (U)

W 110mm H 140mm

Ref: WEB923

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Fujiwara Yu Bizen ware with original box (U)

W 125mm H 255mm

Ref: WEB922

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Kemuri-Bako by Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959) Oribe green glazed pottery ash-tray and a incense burner with a pierced cover. Fitted in the original Box ,certified and signed by the Artest.(5096)

W 150mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB856

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Tokoname vase 5114

W 415mm H 470mm

Ref: WEB850

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Tokoname vase 5114

W 420mm H 535mm

Ref: WEB849

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Sueki Vase (5109)

W 180mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB777

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