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Tea leaf storage jar, Shodai ware (Kumamoto pref.)

W 370mm H 410mm

Ref: WEB78

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A mottled ?toffee-brown? chaire with ivory cover. Seto, Ameyu-u katatsuki ?Tsurara?.

Ref: WEB308

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Seto ware,undeglaze blue and iron-red decoration of a pine tree.(3894A)

W 210mm H 40mm

Ref: WEB340

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Awata Kyoto ware censor model of a seated cat.(3897A)

W 180mm H 115mm

Ref: WEB355

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Tokoname kiln storage jar.(4102)

W 460mm H 500mm

Ref: WEB359

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Shigaraki stone ware pottery model of a TOUROU(lantern).(7J136)

W 360mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB506

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Bizen stone ware model of monkies.

W 290mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB512

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Large brown splashed Mashiko ware pottery charger. Attributed to Shoji Hamada.(8168)

W 550mm H 110mm

Ref: WEB517

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Sueki,long neck flared vase for water.(4418)

W 170mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB570

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Kohagi Chawan (3513)

W 140mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB624

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