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Douhachi Hand Warmer model of a cat. Seal mark of Nin-ami.

W 420mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB995 (5099-38)

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Karatsu Type in Zeze Ware 

Warped shaped Tea Bowl

13 x 10 x 8cm

WEB1270 (7J4)

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Bizen Vase with Handles 

Stoneware, dry body mixed with feldspar, dark grey with green ash deposits and rust marks, incised potter's mark. Together with a signed wooden box

24 x 17 cm

WEB1273 (7J8)


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Collection of Tea Ceremony Bowls (6)


Kin-kai Chawan with Lacquer Gold repair c1800

8 x 14cm (4416) (picture 1:left)

SETO brown glazed warped teabowl

8 x13cm (3510) (picture 1:right)


Hagi Ware c1800,

9 x 15cm (3525) (picture 2:left)

Chocolate Brown glazed bowl c1960,

9 x 14cm (5338) (picture 2:right)


Red-raku ware tea bowl c1970,

9 x 12cm (5338) (picture 3:left)

Yatsushiro Inlay Bowl with Calligraphy: Longevity c1830, 

8 x 11cm (picture 3:right)



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Shino Ware: 2 Shell Shaped Plate with three feet.

Flaming pearl design

26 x 7 cm

WEB1279 (7J2)


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Chawan Utsutsugawa Kiln

Title of bowl: Remaining moon  (Zan getsu)

15 x 8 cm 

WEB1281 (3514)


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Ko-Karatsu Momoyama with Gold Lacquer Repair (Kintsugi)

13 x 5cm 

WEB1282 (3510)

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Hagi Chawan, 11th generation of Korai Toubei

15 x 7cm

WEB1283 (5334)

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Kyoto Ware (Kyoyaki) Teabowl by Tokusen with Blue, Green and Gold Pine Tree

12 x 8 cm

WEB1284 (5334)


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Hagi Tea Bowl

Description on box lid: Senryu-zan, Taibi

13 x 8 cm

WEB1286 (5334)

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