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Bizen Ware Vase with Certified Original box

by Jun Isezaki (born 1936) (one of Living National Tresures of Japan) 

24 x 13cm

WEB1287 (5100)

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Watanabe Asako 

Black Glaze and Red Painted Sumikiri Dish

Fitted in Original box

24 x 25 x 4 cm

WEB1289 (7J39)

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Artist: Akira Asano (1923-1998)

Title: Dusk Over Mt Fuji

Stoneware Charger Impressed sealed mark of Akira

7 x 38 cm 

WEB1290 (7J53)

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Japanese Sueki Martaban Jar

47 x 47 cm

WEB1324 (5541)

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