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Two Makuzu Kozan vases depicting ducks on pond. (5187)

W 250mm H 450mm

Ref: WEB888

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Japanese Satsuma Millefiori jar with cover seal mark of Kin Ko Zan . (5007)

W 275mm H 280mm

Ref: WEB938

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Pair of small Satsuma vase showing court ladies at leisure, signed by Fuzan, Sozan.

W 50mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB72 (1019)

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A square vase , signed Ryozan in gold.

W 145mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB438 (3929)

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A pair of miniature spill vase. Signed seal mark of Kozan sei.

W 25mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB497

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