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Large 2-panel screen of doves beside paulownia in blossom. Signed Kazan.

W 1720mm H 1700mm

Ref: WEB61

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One of a pair of 6-fold screen painted on a gold background with mineral pigments, stories from "Tale of GENJI" Kano school.

W 3760mm H 1720mm

Ref: WEB278

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A scene of ayu fishes in a stream. 6 panels. Painted on a sprinkle of gold paper. Signed Shuuseki, Shijo School.

W 3760mm H 1700mm

Ref: WEB284

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Short 4-panel screen, the design of a banner for the Boys festival.

W 1720mm H 560mm

Ref: WEB285

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Goshun Matsumura (1742-1811). Founder of Shijo School. Hanging scroll,ink painting on paper of a daffodil.Signed Goshun, seal mark of Goshun.

W 452mm H 319mm

Ref: WEB395

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4-panel paper screen, bamboo and rocks, painted with ink and red colour on a silver background.

W 1880mm H 1700mm

Ref: WEB401

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2 Panel, Silver screen

W 1280mm H 1730mm

Ref: WEB460

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Pair of 6-panel screen, Mount Fuji on gold background.

W 3840mm H 1710mm

Ref: WEB461

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2-panel screen, Snail & bamboo. Signed: Kyorin & seal mark.

W 1800mm H 1770mm

Ref: WEB471

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A six panel screen painted in ink and colour on paper with a falcon depicted in each panel perched on a stand with various postures and expressions.

W 3480mm H 1630mm

Ref: WEB594

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