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Summer 81 7/50

WEB1316 (1193)

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A Story of Buddist Philosophy By Paul Carus

Illustrated and printed by T.Hasegawa, Tokyo for The Open Court Publishing Co Chicago

Medium: crepe paper, with silk thread tied binding and double leaves folded Japanese style,

46 pp, Color woodblock prints produced by Suzuki Kason

Yamato-toji Binding

Printed: Meiji 30 (1897).11.17

15.5 cm x 20 cm

Ref: WEB1318 


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The Annunciation 1966

24 x 33cm

Ref: WEB1320 (3874/3875)

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Japanese scroll by Toko Shinoda ( 1912 -) Fitted in original box signed in ink by the artist. Depicting Japanese calligraphy So- Sho style, ”on the green field”. Accompanied with the original receipt sold to Mr Tanaka from the artist on 4th of June 1962 for 25.000 yen.

W 255mm H 1360mm

Ref: WEB945

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Scroll calligraphy "Truth" (shin-ri) Sumi on paper,seal mark of Shiko. Registered no.2348 certified by the authority Munakata Shiko Kantei-iinkai.

W 448mm H 692mm

Ref: WEB542

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Woodblock Print. Title;"Oborozuki"(a dimly moon) IZUMO Matsue. Signed; Hasui and seal. Dated Taisho 13,(1924)

W 260mm H 390mm

Ref: WEB409

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Hanging scroll, ink painting of a "Summer Landscape".Seal mark of Shugetsu Kyoshi, Toukan (1440?-1529), a pupil of Sesshu. Provenance Date Family Collection.

W 437mm H 983mm

Ref: WEB389

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Wood block print (oban yoko-e) of Dachshund by Kiyoshi Saito (born 1907).

W 440mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB305

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"Tagasode" (Whose kimono are they?) two fold screen. Yuzen (Painted and registered dye technique) on a Chirimen-silk.

W 1330mm H 1500mm

Ref: WEB304

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Silk painting of 7 monkies on a pine tree, signed Kamata Gensen in Osaka, dated 15th year of Meiji Period (1882)

W 900mm H 1150mm

Ref: WEB293

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