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Paper, mineral pigments. 


H:192cm L:66.5cm

Signed by Shochiku bai pine and bamboo plum

WEB1178 (5434)

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One of a pair of 6-panel screen,with flora and fauna scenes.

W 3000mm H 1230mm

Ref: WEB58 (1622)

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Large six fold screen of blossoming peony riverscape signed Kei-i Hitsu

W 2700mm H 1150mm

Ref: WEB59 (3328)

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Two panel screen of firebirds and chrysanthemum in ink , mineral pigments and gold on paper

W 1900mm H 1700mm

Ref: WEB62 (2943)

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Watercolour of Nikko Temple signed G. Yokouchi

W 640mm H 480mm

Ref: WEB96 (K802)

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8-panel screen,painted on gold background with mineral pigments,scene of Chinese boys playing. Attributed to Kano Gyokuraku.

W 3600mm H 1060mm

Ref: WEB280 (3853)

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Wood block print by Sadao Watanabe (born 1913), depicting scenes from the life and Ministry of Jesus Christ, comprising The Annunciation; The Nativity; The Baptism of Christ by St.John The Baptist; Christ with two Children in a parody of "Suffer not the little children to come unto me"; The Good Shepherd; and Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene after The Resurrection. Each one inscribed by pencil Sadao Watanabe and dated 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1971 and 1973.

W 230mm H 330mm

Ref: WEB306 (3875)

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A Wide 2-panel screen,painted with mineral pigment on paper,the scene of roses & bees. Signed & seal mark of Narasaki Tekkou(1898-1959). He was born in Yamaguchi prefecture and a pupil of Hashimoto Kansetsu in Kyoto.

W 1900mm H 1730mm

Ref: WEB322 (U)

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6-panel screen, painted with mineral pigments of a Chinese subject. Kano School. Signed Hokyo Takaiku.

W 3780mm H 1700mm

Ref: WEB333 (200)

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Two-panel screen. Calligraphy(Howling Phoenix amongst tree)

W 1880mm H 1710mm

Ref: WEB365 (4138A)

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