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Woodblock Print. The second series of Modern Beauties: Title "Kami"(hair).The publisher's seal mark of Watanabe Shozaburo. Numbered; 8/250 strictly limited. Dated showa Kyu-nen,Sangatsu(March 1934) Signed Shinsui with seal. Dai-oban 41cm by 25cm Mint Condition,Very good impression and colour with embossed details and area of Mica.

W 250mm H 410mm

Ref: WEB405 (3950)

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4-panel-sliding-Fusama-doors. Side one;Continuous scene of pine trees. Side two;Spring flowers.

W 3680mm H 1760mm

Ref: WEB415 (J762)

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Etching & Dry point,signed. "Hong Kong,Loading Junk"

W 490mm H 470mm

Ref: WEB412 (4284)

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2-panel screen with painting of a flight of Doves.

W 1780mm H 1950mm

Ref: WEB454 (4138A)

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4-panel screen,landscape painted with Sumi, depicting lake Biwa ,Shiga province.

W 3800mm H 1810mm

Ref: WEB456 (3989)

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2-panel screen, painted with Gofun on paper of a white H0-O bird amongst palm tree.

W 1880mm H 1800mm

Ref: WEB457 (4835)

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2-Panel short screen, Chinese boys playing, Kano School.

W 1920mm H 870mm

Ref: WEB463 (7J125)

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2-Panel Screen from "Tale of Genji"

W 1260mm H 1560mm

Ref: WEB464 (7J128)

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Title--- "Deep Blue" (Half beak fishes in a deep sea.) 2-panel screen,gold,silver,tin and copper inlay on lacquered wood. Award winning at Nitten in 2006. by Mitsuo Takana Born 1956 in Wajima,Ishikawa prefecture.

W 1380mm H 1620mm

Ref: WEB469 (4156)

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2-panel screen, gold sprinkled.

W 1420mm H 1520mm

Ref: WEB474 (4148A)

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