Eiho Hirezaki (1881-1968) Signature and seal: Eiho Hirezaki Two-panel folding screen paper, ink, and watercolours Beauties have always been a favoured subject of painters the world over, not only the Japanese.This quite beauty portrait is typical work by Eiho, known for his woodblock prints of bijin - young girls and geishas. The artist's life was stretched over three eras: Meiji, Taisho and Showa. This was not an easy period for geishas: from trendsetters and fashion stars, they had to transform into guardians of the traditional arts. Eiho's specialty were kuchi-e (lit. mouth pictures), woodblock prints inserted into the front (kuchi) of a magazine. The girl's hair does bring the woodblock printing technique to mind: it is realistically painted, with few layers creating the effect of shining black lacquer, or real hair. The details of the face are also depicted with tender care. of a "Seated Beauty" , painted on paper. Signed and seal mark of Eiho Hirezaki (1881-1968)

W 1720mm H 1710mm

Ref: WEB838