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By Kawabata Gyokusho (1842-1913)

H:169.5cm W:348cm

Sumi on gold siphon silk

19th century


One screen depicts a waterfall flowing down to a serene lake, the other depicts a small villae within a valley by Kawabata Gyokusho a Kyoto artist born to a family of lacquer artists. First studied the Maruyama style with Nakajima Raisho. In 1866 left Kyoto for Tokyo to study Western painting under Charles Wirgman. However soon returned to Japanese style of painting and became leading figure in Tokyo art circles and in 1890 professor in charge of the painting division espousing the Shijo school at the Tokyo school of Fine Arts. In his later years he sought to combine Chinese, Japanese and Western elements in his painting. His work is delicate, making use of a Japanese technique in a realistic manner (5489). 


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2 panel screen, embroided shell design.

W 1520mm H 1540mm

Ref: WEB470

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2-panel screen with paintings of Peony blossom with sparrow on silk

W 1780mm H 1790mm

Ref: WEB453 (U)

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2 panel Peony on a silver background Signed: Taketsugu

W 1940mm H 1900mm

Ref: WEB455 (U)

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Sea-scape at Tojinbo,(Ishikawa prefecture, Sea of Japan)

W 1900mm H 1730mm

Ref: WEB458 (U)

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2-panel screen, painted with Gofun on paper of a white H0-O bird amongst palm tree.

W 1880mm H 1800mm

Ref: WEB457 (4835)

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2-Panel short screen, Chinese boys playing, Kano School.

W 1920mm H 870mm

Ref: WEB463 (7J125)

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2-Panel Screen from "Tale of Genji"

W 1260mm H 1560mm

Ref: WEB464 (7J128)

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Title--- "Deep Blue" (Half beak fishes in a deep sea.) 2-panel screen,gold,silver,tin and copper inlay on lacquered wood. Award winning at Nitten in 2006. by Mitsuo Takana Born 1956 in Wajima,Ishikawa prefecture.

W 1380mm H 1620mm

Ref: WEB469 (4156)

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6-panel screen,"Battle of UJI", paintig on paper.

W 2760mm H 1180mm

Ref: WEB468 (7J43)

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