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Okimono carned of ivory,in a form of Noh-mask- maker". Signed; Kuni-Michi.

W 70mm H 90mm

Ref: WEB52

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Bronze vase with gold and silver inlay

W 65mm H 210mm

Ref: WEB68

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Bronze vase with gold, silver and enamel inlay, signed Toshimasa

W 80mm H 240mm

Ref: WEB69

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Pair of cloisonn? vases

W 40mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB74

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Cloisonn? vase

W 40mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB75

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Bamboo woven basket

W 150mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB77

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Wooden sea travel chest

W 550mm H 480mm

Ref: WEB81

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Shibayama Koro with mother of pearl inlaid on ivory with silver phoenix handles and bird on lid, signed; Tomotada

Ref: WEB189

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Netsuke,in shape of ivory boy seated on an ebony ox. Signed; Ikkosai

Ref: WEB191

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A large cloisonn? drum with long tailed cockerel Koro. * This drum is most probably one of the pair exhibited in the main building of the Cantennial Exposition, Philadelphia 1876. See: Figure 4, page 32. Joe Earle "Splendors of Imperial Japan" arts of Meiji Period from The Khalili collection, published in 2002, The Khalili Family Trust. A similar drum (The Crosby Brown collection of Musical Instruments,1889,The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) was exhibited at Tokyo National Museum,Osaka-city Museum and Nagoya-city Museum.Commemorating The 2005 world Exposition, Aichi, Japan. "Arts of East and West from World Expositions.1855-1900; Paris, Vienna and Chicago"and illustrated in the catalogue no.1-14,page 020.

Ref: WEB198

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