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A large bronze jar representing the story of SHIBA ONKO.By Honma Takusai3rd (1868-1945) lost wax cast in the form of a group of Karako, the standing and holding a stone is Shiba Onko,clustered around a broken jar that has water draining from its cracks,the head of one boy is seen protruding through an opening in the jar at the front,the base signed Dai Nihon Takusai zo;with tomobako titled and signed by the artist Takusai zo with seal.

W 340mm H 360mm

Ref: WEB480 (4446)

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Pair of square Hokkai (shell-game-box), black lacquered wood with Golden Mon(family crest) on top.

W 350mm H 340mm

Ref: WEB487 (J147)

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Netsuke,gold inlay iron in the form of aubergine. Trace of signature.

W 25mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB519 (M8J32)

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Ivory Netsuke, model of a puppy with a ball.

W 30mm H 30mm

Ref: WEB522 (S837)

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Copper-bronze beaten trypod jardiniere,decorated with Koi carps swimming. Seal mark of signature.

W 420mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB541 (7J54)

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Black & red lacquered rectangular table.

W 1060mm H 760mm

Ref: WEB544 (7J167)

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Shibayama inlay Koro,gold lacquered on wood,inlayed with enamel,coral,stained ivory,Shippo and Somada style "Aogai" inlay works.

W 150mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB549 (8J40)

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Japanese bronze temple vase with detachable (decorational) handles. 265mm wide with handles, 215mm wide without.

W 265mm H 234mm

Ref: WEB589 (3405)

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Japanese bronze temple vase.

W 225mm H 152mm

Ref: WEB590 (3808)

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A 36 page swatch book of silks used for the bags of famous tea bowls

W 175mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB199

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